The test lab brought this problem to the expert, Prof. Antonio Paoli from the University of Padua:
“A recent study demonstrates that household washing detergents have full virucidal efficacy at 30 degrees. I highly recommend washing cycling shorts at 30° C. We have found that this is more than enough to ensure the non proliferation of bacteria. Moreover, if you use gentle bleach-free detergents, you could kill bacteria also at lower temperatures, as demonstrated in an old study conducted on babies’ urine-wet and faecal-contaminated nappies.
ROCK RACING fabrics have bacteriostatic properties that help maintain the physiological bacterial colonies resident on the skin, which are extremely important for the normal skin function.
In conclusion, high temperature washing does not add benefit to the cyclist’s health and would damage fabrics and foams.”

– Wash prior to first use
– Wash only on delicate cycle at 30°C / 86°F
– Use neutral, non-aggressive detergents
– Avoid softners as they may contribute to reduce the compression set of the foams
– Keep like colors together (light+light/dark+dark)
– Don’t leave soiled clothing unwashed, as residual sweat will damage the garment
– Avoid using dryers (only low temps & short duration)